"The office is friendly and respectful, giving us the greatest service. Ryan Bucklin gave us professional counsel in a timely manner with encouragement and good advice. At a very hard time, dealing with family turmoil, we turned to our attorney, Ryan Bucklin. In a matter of two months, he brought us through the heart shattering realization we needed protection and stability for our two young grandchildren. We followed through the professional guidance of our attorney, depending on him for the ultimate end of being granted full guardianship of the children. We are standing strong in the realization that God’s instrument of peace for us, was our attorney, Ryan Bucklin.”

“I am very pleased not only with the way my legal problem was resolved with Ryan Bucklin working on it (saving me over $10,000.00), but Ryan made me feel so relaxed. I have not previously had any contact with lawyers, and at my young and tender age of 63, Ryan made it comfortable.”

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